Lovska oprema na enem mestu

Če želimo kupiti več različnih predmetov, ki pa služijo enakemu namenu, bomo seveda želeli, da so nam ti na voljo na enem mestu. Ne samo zato, ker je morda to za nas lažje, nam tudi vzame manj časa, pa tudi, ker je običajno ugodnejše in sploh, ko najdemo izkušenega, strokovnega ter ugodnega prodajalca. Recimo, zanima nas lovsko orožje in vsa pripadajoča oprema. Zagotovo jo bomo želeli kupiti vso na enem mestu. Pa vendar, ali je to sploh možno*

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Кто является целевой аудиторией? (т.е. для кого я пишу?)

В этом разделе я выделил три слова: “демографические данные”, “адаптировать содержание” и “соответствующим образом”. Первые два слова являются существительными, поэтому их следует подчеркнуть, а не выделить. Подчеркивание только существительных является хорошей практикой, так как помогает читателям быстро определить, на чем сфокусирован ваш материал. Например, пользователи могут увидеть, что эта статья посвящена “контент-маркетингу”, поскольку подчеркнуты только существительные.

The history of the seduction community

There have been many famous seducers throughout history from Casanova to even Elvis Presley. But no group or community of people existed for any length of time who shared information between them that really worked.

The first book on the general topic of flirting with and seducing women was “How to Pick Up Girls” (1970) by Eric Weber. A pretty basic book by today’s standards and understanding of social dynamics but it still set the scene for the beginnings of the seduction community.

Become a Raven

During the cold war, the former USSR established one of the most sophisticated special services in the world, which trained female spies to seduce men. There has been a book put out recently about sex spying. A girl narrated the story about KGB and how they recruited woman, promising them that they would have all kinds of welfare imaginable, if they would agree to fulfill their civil duty and become sex agents. This is called “sexpionage”.

House Party VS. Bar/Club – The Full Breakdown

So guys its Friday night, you get 2 different calls from you friends. One call is telling you that a friend is having a huge open house with a keg and all. The second call promises of a night of dancing babes and an upscale good time. Its too bad you can’t do both, so which one do you choose?

What Makes a Woman Sexy?

The French, famed for their prowess as lovers, refer to it as ‘je ne sais quoi’. Literally translated it means ‘I don’t know what’. More commonly, it’s used to describe ‘that certain something’.

In this issue of SA Gazette, we explore those intangible qualities – far beyond facial features or body shape – that make a woman attractive.

Try dating online with friends and make it a party

Join one or more dating sites or dating services with a good friend. You can hang out and have a dating party. For example, get a pizza and wine or beer and hang out to surf the web dating personals as you sit side by side on the couch with your laptops. Then you can share your adventure as it progresses and you start to find singles that float your boats and start dating guys or dating girls to your liking.

What Men Want

Online Dating: What Men Want

When it comes to dating online or off, men looking for women to date or fall in love with usually have certain qualities they find attractive in a woman. The list of desirable traits can be long, but usually a few items stand out across the board —

Ten Lessons to Dating Success

Summer is wrapping up and it’s time hit the web dating books as everyone heads back to school. If you’re new to online dating personals or have been around dating services and relationship sites for a while — whether it’s to find a date or find your soul mate; whether you’re newly single or newly inspired to continue dating online to meet singles, this quick course of online love and relationship advice will have you ready to date and find matches in ten lessons.

Internet Dating Services

I’ve just read, “I Can’t Believe I’m buying this Book – A Common Sense Guide to Successful Internet Dating”, by Evan Marc Katz.

The book is very interesting, based on personal experience of using internet dating services. It’s also fairly cheap compared to some other ebooks and CD/DVDs that are available. I highly recommend it if you are seriously into internet dating.